"This artist's flow is like biblical verse, it feels like it was written thousands of years ago, almost worn smooth"

- The Pit LDN


"His crazy wordplay and complex rhyme scheme reminds me of KOOTA THE FRIEND or Saba. He has however proven that he can rap-sing as he did so, effortlessly on ‘sighcle’"

- Vibe Yetu

Haba Na Haba

"Immediately when I heard Maũ, I got flashes of artists like Ghostpoet and Lord Apex. Maũ has a bit of British flair to him with his style of rapping but quite the grasp on melody too ... It’s a certainly impressive song from an exciting new artist."

- Fashionably Early

Phase II: Interlude

Both of these songs were written during transitional periods, so I thought they fit quite well together as a bridge between two different phases of me and my music.

Soggy Toes

"When I listen to "Soggy Toes" I can feel the balminess of a summer evening, right when the sun is going down ... Maũ evokes such a perfect summer mood, though believe me when I say this song's appeal is year-round. "

- Fuzzy Logic


"The song enters a space free from the boundaries of conventional genre where a slinking electro-beat meets stream-of-consciousness spoken word hip-hop"

- The Deli Mag