"Listening to the MFN EP feels like diving head first into a pool of Mau's consciousness. 

The project marks his evolution from Kamau Wainana, the soft spoken kid with loud ambitions to mau from nowhere, a trailblazer defining music within 'Nu Nairobi.' As he gets less attached to being defined by a certain space, it's entrancing to watch him find comfort in his craft instead."

- OkayAfrica 

"While his music has always been introspective, this new phase sees him unlock a new layer of candid vulnerability as his poetic lyricism reaches new heights. There are no smoke and mirrors, or facades with him, just organic, raw streams of consciousness."

- Tangaza Magazine

"When Kenyan artist, Kamau Wainana changed his moniker from “MauWithSunflowers” to “Mau from Nowhere”, it felt, in some way, to fans like myself, that he was treading on stormy waters but with his head held high towards a new direction. 

His project Mau From Nowhere through how vulnerable, reflective and intentionally pronounced he was with each song on it highlights how much the artiste has been through in finding himself, and how far he sees to go."

- Drummr Africa's "Top 20 projects from 2020"

Zombie Flower 

In a review by The Pit London, critics praised maũ for his more somber approach to the song. “Far more than just a rapper, maũ displays his ability to create melodies within his hook and bring out a lighter-touch to this bass-heavy, Hip-Hop-inspired single.” 

- Forbes 


Break-up songs usually have a habit of giving in to the drama of everything, indulging in over-the-top emotive extravagance. In contrast, "Try" is about as real as it gets. 

- The Line of Best Fit


"This artist's flow is like biblical verse, it feels like it was written thousands of years ago, almost worn smooth"

- The Pit LDN


"His crazy wordplay and complex rhyme scheme reminds me of KOTA THE FRIEND or Saba. He has however proven that he can rap-sing as he did so, effortlessly on ‘sighcle’"

- Vibe Yetu

Haba Na Haba

"Immediately when I heard Maũ, I got flashes of artists like Ghostpoet and Lord Apex. Maũ has a bit of British flair to him with his style of rapping but quite the grasp on melody too ... It’s a certainly impressive song from an exciting new artist."

- Fashionably Early

Phase II: Interlude

Both of these songs were written during transitional periods, so I thought they fit quite well together as a bridge between two different phases of me and my music.

Soggy Toes

"When I listen to "Soggy Toes" I can feel the balminess of a summer evening, right when the sun is going down ... Maũ evokes such a perfect summer mood, though believe me when I say this song's appeal is year-round. "

- Fuzzy Logic


"The song enters a space free from the boundaries of conventional genre where a slinking electro-beat meets stream-of-consciousness spoken word hip-hop"

- The Deli Mag